Monday, June 23, 2008

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Pick apart Hannigan bit by bit, but remember baby boys, he has there longer than you, and with a better seat.

Today's younger sports fans more or less figure their heroes are the best.

Tiger's "one of the best", he's not the "Best". That perhaps is an insoluble question, "Who was the best"?

All I know is
-I don't know squat about how to put Tom Morris, Jr. into the picture.
-Jones did it in his spare time and puked a lot, so he quit very early
-Nelson quit while he was ahead, was a bundle of nerves, too and arguably played against weaker opponents (I say balderdash to that last)
-Hogan really dominated and came back from his last few oranges and a car with stolen tires before he nearly died in a car crash and overcame more than most of you can even begin to fathom. He was one tough son-of-a-bitch. As best I know, Earl never met Hogan, doesn't sound like it.
-Nicklaus was stupid good and forever, too. Look it up if you weren't there.
-Woods is a work in progress. Woods is his own worst enemy. His swing has been killing his game and he is unfortunately surrounded by syncophant arse-sniffers from his "team" to various media who have declared him (and Michelle Wie) the "Best" since age 17. I wish they'd just let the legends write themselves.

Only time will give us the answer, we must be patient.

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