Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fable of the Goose and the Tiger

BBC reports that Retief Goosen feels that Tiger is faking it since his grimaces and hystrionics were only present following bad shots. He offers evidence that during good shots there was not a similar reaction, therefore it was an acting job. C'mon, Retief, that's not really very nice. You haven't read my treatise on the knee, either.

I've got to definitely go the other way and say those that are Tiger lovers really need to worry about their man, there's lot to the story and the entourage doesn't want it out. Watch for more surgery, maybe even an ACL job.

Retief needs to work on his game a little bit it he wants to have a little more credibility. He's been a little too far out of the picture for a guy with such a history and game. Retief is one of a dozen or so players truly capable of reaching the heights that Tiger has reached, but don't get me wrong, there's lot in that word capable. Tiger's mental game has been keeping him on top and what most certainly has gotten him there.

Is it a lifetime development task to get to the point that Tiger has reached in mental toughness? He relies on an up to 125 mph swing speed with his driver that has taken its toll on his knee, but the mind still is as strong as ever, maybe even more so.

If the Goose wants to talk trash, he ought to start a little smaller than the Tiger-beast. Gotta go with Tiger on this one, the knee is that bad. I just wish I knew more and better specifics, but I think I'm narrowing it down. He's no Ben Hogan, just a way good golfer with a bum knee from bad swing ideas of the modern era, and he's more vulnerable now, but far from done yet. Expect to see Tiger chasing #19 even if he plays two majors a year and nothing else until he has to apply for a cart by USGA criteria.

I'll try and find out if he was technically eligible for one at Torrey. What a mind-mess that would have been.

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Dan Herrmann said...

Bill - we need your comments on the news today. You've been 100% spot on with your educated "intuition" so far.

What is the recovery like for Tiger's procedure? What impact are the stress fractures?

Thanks for the great stuff - keep it coming!

Dan Herrmann