Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Final crying and gnashing of teeth

Now that it's all over, in retrospect it was a much more interesting USGA Open to watch than I ever expected, but not due a whit to Torrey Pines.

As I posted earlier, it could have been played virtually anywhere on any US Open "Ideal Course" which TP was. That said, there are in my opinion at least two thousand courses in the USA easily better (out of 17, 000).


TP is great for the best players in the world. It was hard and fair and enough of that. Just 7 or 8 just like it. Let's say:

-One in New England (if they can find flat enough ground)
-One between Philly and New York (leave the best US Courses alone)
-One between D.C. and the Carolinas (undo the rape of Pinehurst #2)
-One between Atlanta and St Louis
-One in Texas
-One in Chicago
-One in the far western plains
-Torrey Pines
-One in NoCal
-One in Bend, OR

No more great old courses to be ruined!

Anyway, it was great golf, a great match if you will; the Mrs. and I watched the whole damned thing, both rooting for Rocco, the PA guy (and the old guy and the "guy not Tiger".

Great things about this USGA Open:
-Great Competition head-to-head in playoff
-Hope for the great old courses in the USA
-Hope for the rest of the golfers in the world

Why hope for the rest of the professional cadre? (Don't tell me that his knee held him back, he played just fine)

If a 45-year old with a bad back who once used a broomstick to putt can miss two short putts and hook his last two drives to present Tiger the USGA Open, you would finally think that all these Adam Scott, Sergio Garcia, Geoff Ogilvy and the like might recognize that They, too can beat Tiger.

The only thing is if Tiger ever learns that he should take 10% off his full swing, he'd move it up yet another notch and save what little is really left in that knee. I'm pretty well convinced that he has O.D. in that knee and/or an ACL deficient knee. After all, he did say after the presentation that he was taking a lot of time off now, that means it's 50-50 for the Open Championship, I suppose.

Perhaps he is pivot-shifting the knee with that final snap move. That move with that knee when he swings hard and is causing the pain, if that's the case, he's got some serious decisions to make.

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