Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

A big wish to all the fathers out there. Go play a six hour round and watch and see if at 13 the luck ran out for Tiger.

Today's questions?

1 - Will the knee hold, man that thing is not doing well even if Tiger is handling it well.

2 - When will Tiger play again?

3- How soon to the next knee surgery?

A final comment on the knee. I really can't validate the comments on Tiger hobbling out there on his knee "a la Hogan".

Tiger's knee compared to Hogan's injuries is several orders of magnitude. Hogan never gets enough props for what he accomplished after what he endured. The HBO Special Back Nine at Cherry Hills: The Legends of the Legends of the 1960 US Open (Which is rather good) will educate some, but one must read Gene Gregston's - Hogan: The Man who Played for Glory or Curt Sampson's Hogan Biography to get the whole story of the kind of medical problems that Hogan had. Not small stuff.

It is comparable perhaps to Ernie Els surgery. Tiger plays similarly post op to pre-op (with a few more funny faces thrown in) just as Ernie's game is no different past the usual ACL post op time to his pre-op. (Both left knees, BTW)Both with not really much impact.

Woods and Rocco both did a great job and Westwood hung in there until the end. Sentimentally I go for Rocco, reality tells me Woods is
3 x more likely to win.

No sense trying to suspend reality!

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