Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Astonished

I'm short on time this morning, so more later, if you please.

I'm not astonished by what Tiger accomplished, I am astonished how poorly understood medical conditions are understood by the golf writers of the world, how they take what IMG feeds them and seldomly if ever backcheck "the facts". I am astonished by the wives tales out there - too many to mention, but I also blame the members of my chosen profession - Orthopedic Surgery for failing to take the time to truly explain to patients and lay people - rather passing themselves off as gods who do magic. Boys and girls, most of the time the body does most of it with a little help from the doctor. It's the doctor's job most of the time to not screw things up.

I am astonished that Tiger is being hailed by some as somehow more brave and having accomplished more than Ben Hogan did after his automobile-BUS accident. Hogan took on a bus.

I you thing a fractured pelvis is a trivial "will heal" sort of injury, look it up.

If you think multiple fractured ribs and a clavicle fracture from a bus accident do not require alteration of a golf swing, you don't understand the golf swing.

If you think pulmonary embolisms requiring then-life-saving and multiple complication inducing inferior vena cava ligation (!!!) is trivial and has little or no impact on a person's overall health, you need to learn a lot.

Hogan had quite an ankle fracture; somehow an ACL tear and unstable knee are worse than this injury alone?

Americans especially tend to think very short-term and take for granted what has happened in the past and minimize it. Hogan's feats post accident were truly amazing, "thy" really mean it when the historians say it was doubtful he'd ever walk and even live at one point.

If you think that Tiger going against his doctor's requests (can't seem to see how they were orders) is more noble than Hogan following his doctor's reccomendations, you've got your priorities different than mine.

Tiger will likely do fine, but also remember Ernie Els - he's as close as anyone pure talent-wise as Woods (save for putting) , but has 5% of the mental game still is rounding into a game that works as well for him and he has indeed changed his swing (which we well now Tiger can do). Don't try to tell me that Tiger is somehow a notably better athlete than Els, Els as a teen chose between reaching his peak in tennis vs. golf.

Tiger has been absolutely phenomenal.

Beyond that we have to sit and wait now. We'll know how he's coming along in about three months and it will depend on what IMG releases, so at this point, given that he's everyone's billion dollar cash cow, there's a lot of nail-biting out there.

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Kelly Blake Moran said...

Don't forget one othe aspect of Hogan. When he saw the truck coming head-on at his car, he put himself in front of his wife to save her.

Great job Redanman,

Kelly Blake Moran