Saturday, June 28, 2008

Monty, Monty, Monty

What is it about Monty? Personally I love the guy and root for him, I'm not ashamed to say. Love those eyebrows, too. He and Paula, separated at birth?

He's a chap that in spite of the dour, scowling almost constipated look he carries has amassed one fine record in The Order of Merit over the years.

Did he become completely derailed by not winning the USGA Open won by Els at Oakmont? He also must have suffered greatly after Ogilvy won at Winged foot when Phil shot himself in the foot at THE Foot.

I got a short glimpse of him playing in France on TGC this morning after getting up late and hurriedly getting dressed to play golf with Mrs. redanman. She pointed out that he was still wearing the colours of Yonex ("Are they still in the golf business?" she asked) and he was playing reasonably well. He came out of today I do not know how well, and I need to get ready to go and see Mr. Craig Ferguson tonight, but Laidlaw and company were singing his praises. Ryder Cup! (Bad news, Valhalla, home of the stacked cow patty green complex)

Once the great hope of Scottish Golfers, he has withered and particularly suffered under the Reign of the Tiger. Perhaps we'll see him flourish in the next year or two? After all, Sergio upon winning the Players this year thanked Tiger for not showing up.

Will Monty make the Ryder Cup? Equal second in France after 54. He'd be a good addition with his experience if more game returns.

I've always enjoyed his smoothness, he seems an enigma in that he can be so volatile in personality and so smooth as a swinger. It's almost ironic, in sense that this cal appearing man on the outside harbours so much intensity.

Well, by now we know he finished solo second and now the Scottish Open and Open championships are coming soon. I look for him to have a good summer season an see how he fares in his Ryder Cup quest.

Speaking of which, redanman-favored Taylor Made-Adidas has secured a "long-term contract" for Nick Faldo's services. A extra little free advert when he gets the voice over on commercials and TGC breaks to a Taylor Made ad directly before or after his commentary. Nice move, TM-A.

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