Saturday, June 14, 2008

Open at Torrey Pines

The USGA Open is progressing as usual, slowly and tediously.

This one is a little different, though. A number of people who are of various backgrounds and golf skills skills that I know or my wife knows - so the information is no more than second hand have pretty much all rendered the opinion that TP is one of if not THE least memorable course ever to host a USGA Open. We're also talking folks who have played the course. They commonly lament the inability to recall any particular holes.

I personally have at least a half-dozen plays from over the years starting with an old college buddy Rick Kulas who along with his brother grew up in San Diego amd thoroughly introduced me to the course. Playing with SD County residents is the only way to go, BTW.

So anyway, I have to disagree. #12 was always a bear, no one can ever forget how long and hard that hole plays into the wind. #13 has that nice canyon dip that Rees actually really tuned up to reject shots. The bunkering on that hole is another story altogether. It can only be called ghastly. Number three is a nice little downhill hole and I do have to give props to Rees for the shaved bank there and elsewhere on the course. Ricks brother aced the 17th so I'll always remember that one.

That's about it, though.

In all fairness, the USGA got exactly the set up it wanted without ruining a world-class old-timey course in the process, so I say you go guys to that. This was certainly much better than ruining the fairway lines of Bethpage Black in the name of stupid effing hard.

Old Man Rocco just took over the lead just as I typed this so maybe there is some redemption coming.

I have my very favorite announcers, but one just got the boot from anything but my shit list today evermore. Jimmy Roberts - dissing Arnold Palmer direct to to David Fay's face and doing the usual swoon that all do for Tiger. I really don't have a great love for Tiger, but don't blame him, he's a rare talent and deserving of our awe. We just need to remember that the game is bigger than the world's best, no matter how good he is. It was a bit similar when Jack was in his prime, but the whole media thing is so much larger now.

NBC, just show us a nice balanced coverage without showing every Tiger fist pump, limp and wince three times. It doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Hopefully Rocco's coverage will continue and Ogilvy will move today, too.

Bad stretch for Rocco, great one for Eldrick. Will 14 be coming?

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