Friday, June 06, 2008

UK Visitors at Lehigh Country Club

A little update: On two separate occasions recently, the Lehigh Country Club was invaded by Northern and Southern UK residents.

As seen during Martin and Nancy's tour and also with the London Golfer and Chappers, trees are down on Lehigh #7 allowing one to find a missing tee shot or at least figure out if the ball went in the water off the tee. This is just barely a "good start" at best!.

However ........... believe it or not, some members are complaining about "tree removal". Oh the humanity. Whatever, I can only educate so many and I only get paid to do it at work.

On to hole #14 Sissy Ridge rarely shown from the top is an imposing obstacle; well-negotiated, well-rewarded. One of my favorite holes on the course.

On the other side:

the lover-ley semi-punchbowl green.

To prove the existence of the London Golfer outside of his website, proof is hereby offered:

below successfully hitting #16, but not getting inside the redanman's ball.

in painful detail

In fairness, LG is a great young ( nearly a child!) fellow less than half my age and who looks to have a rather promising future. I am certain he doesn't mind a little good natured ribbing here. He rather impressed the ladies that evening.

Chappers and I on the other hand go back with N and R all the way to Dornoch when we shared each other's company at the 2 Quail for several meals of very high quality.

the redanman household welcomes our overseas friends.

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