Friday, June 06, 2008

A Visit to Rolling Green

Long a favorite of many a Philadelphia Golfer, Rolling Green Country Club is certainly among the hardest Flynn courses these days with US Open rough and speedy greens to wreck a score and increase bar sales. It is routed clockwise outside and anti-clockwise inner for the most part.

It has five very tough Flynn par 3's (that is of course a redundancy) and finishes 5-5.

Attractive chipping area on #1

The par fours vary from short and attackable (#3) to impossible (#8)

number 2

I had an odd thought, one Wayne Morrison (World #1 Flynn expert) would remove my package for thinking, but after leaving #8 on this last visit I thought a reverse routed hole would have made better use of the lovely creek split fairway. (above)

We certainly had our bloodied packages handed back to us on the recent visit so RGCC has lost none of its punch recently.

#12, yet another ho-hum world-class short par 4 from Flynn.

This looks a little tight here, but believe me it's much improved.

Several areas such as 15-17 have been much improved by tree abatement and any course considering an entry into the 21st century as regards tree management would be well-served to visit Rolling Green.

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