Monday, July 07, 2008

Crail Sixth Oldest in the World

Just a few photos from a mixed day weather-wise as relates to quality photos. The header for the website is from Crail's 17th tee, the best of the lot of photos that day. Write-up coming as is a lot of stuff on the website.

Number 1 - Boathouse - All of Scotland seems in front of you

Two Tee - Owner of the Knowe - This is the kind of stuff Americans just don't get

Sometimes you don't know whether to look where you are going or where you've been, back up #2.

The Briggs - Blind green from the tee par 3 third

Fluke Dub - Fourth -A cape-ey tee shot

North Carr - Number 7 on the boundary, downhill to the left to a running green

Hell's Hole - 5 - and #6 Wormiston (green hidden)

more ...

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