Monday, July 07, 2008

Handicaps - The Great Shame

Handicaps are supposed to be the great equalizer of players of differing skills. Anyone with a single digit knows what a joke that is.

I think it has come the time for the USGA to consider adopting the method of handicapping the rest of the world uses, only supervised tournament scores to count towards a legitimate handicap.

The internet is rife with stories from pro-ms with celebrities helping their professional partners at the ATT and similar tournaments 25 shots over 54 or 72 holes.

One can find many a regional golf association with posted exceptional scores and their odds. We used to receive such information from the Colorado Golf Association - member guest tournament scores of net 64 or better three rounds in a row - statistically in the billions or more - happening routinely.

I find it despicable for these scores to not be posted because a two-footer was given somewhere and thereby not being played under the rules of golf.

What a shambles of the rules of golf.

Just post tournament or supervised "medal plays" as the UK residents have every weekend at their clubs to determine handicaps. Only 5 would count. As opposed to 20 (throwing out the worse 10 and taking a mere 85% of the "differential as is done now.

Personally, I'll only play handicap if it's a couples tournament.


Dan Herrmann said...

But you're supposed to post scores where putts are conceded. I do so all the time when I'm playing a match.

the redanman said...

True, true, but any old excuse will do for some.