Monday, July 07, 2008

One -Legged Golfer? Can't have it both ways.


No more one-legged golfer stuff, Tiger's been a golfer with a sore knee. Talk about mountains out of mole hills.

He had stress fractures of his Tibia, not fractures. The MRI criteria for "stress fracture" is pretty low. Look it up and you decide, what ever builds the Tiger Brand, and believe me, it is being built out of this, not just protected. Nice bit of P.R., actually.

How did he so incredibly tolerate all that pain during the USGA Open and now cannot sleep more than an hour or so? How can you have it both ways?

He walked without a limp most of the USGA Open, he did not hop. He pretty much did not wince in pain until he swung harder than he needed to, harder than he really ought to. He should have abandoned that swing long ago, I wrote on a website I do not own back in 2002 when the ACL was torn (Not "jogging" after the Open Championship). He perhaps had secondary restraints fail last fall, but that's not when the ACL became incompetent. He probably was cutting or had that leg hyperextened from running into a depression or hole or the like. One can run just fine with a torn ACL as long as secondary restraints are OK and you are not cutting (like a footballer - either kind). Can't have it all three ways. (Or more) How about a reality check?

So did he do his regular warm up (Johnny Miller saying 9 shots with each club in the bag (High, medium, low x L>R, R>L, straight = 9)) as some have said they witnessed him warm up in person at the USGA Open or just hit 5 balls and sit in the cart as Hank the exaggerator has said before the USGAO? Can't have it both ways.

As for his recovery, if he's only sleeping an hour at a time, if he's not being allowed to to range of motion of his knee and not weight bear at least some - and his doctors are happy, there's a bit going on. If Tiger's ability to tolerate pain is now somehow magically gone, oh hell, that's it. Can't have it both ways.

He will play again.

He'll never have a "normal" knee. I surely hope is world-famous doctors did not tell him that because it's just untrue.

He'll not do as well as he has predicted he will or he's exaggerating one way or the other. Can't have it ... ...

But and I repeat to end this sordid topic:

He is not and never was and never will be a one-legged golfer, not with those perfect weight shifts he did in the USGA Open.

There are one-legged golfers out there and it is demeaning to them to call Tiger one-legged, shame on the media who resort to such sensationalism.

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