Sunday, July 20, 2008

Open Sunday

Before I go fight my battle today, I have to say that this has been what golf needs to more often be, a truly testing game with no presuppositions from the media in the USA affecting what we get to see.

As badly as the media is pushing for Norman to win his third, we have gotten to see so much more than usual and that's wonderful.

Three stories today, one a winner.

Norman wins his third, makes history as one of golf's great redemptions slashing and putting his way to victory over every man and nature. The Great White Shark, indeed.

K.J. Choi, a Wee Ice Mon on his mission to become the first Asian man to win a Major Championship. He has the nerve, the tenor, the skills and mental game to do it.

Padraig Harrington, almost considered a fluke winner by the uninitiated with last year's victory at Carnoustie, perhaps the greatest venue that just spits out broken players validates his victory of last year and puts his name in the ring as one of the game's greats.

What choices, and from these will come the champion, I don't see a 63 from curtis or Garcia, the two other best chances if you think that will happen.

Taking a Flyer: Norman has never been one to truly close the deal too many times and won't today. It will come down to Choi and Harrington. Gut tells me Choi, emotion tells me Harrington.

If somehow Norman does it, it will supplant Nicklaus in the 1986 Masters. Choi wins for Asia, Harrington for Europe.

I want it to be Europe's day, but I'm taking the Flyer that it is Asia's day. We'll know in hours if I was right or wrong.

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