Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weather and the Asterisk

Given that even a player the calibre of Geoff Ogilvy is such a little girl when it comes to playing against one Tiger Woods, there should not be an asterisk ever for any sporting event, time has taught us that with the Babe Ruth - Roger Maris asterisk, the one that started it all. Competitions are what they are and myths should remain what they are.

One thing that is not a myth is that Tiger Woods is the greatest fair-weather competitor in the history of the modern game. No one wins the Open Championship in the first 18 holes, but many has lost one, witness Phil Mickelson (who had nary a chance to begin with today) Ernie Els and others.

No asterisk need.

Who ever comes to pass as 2008 Open Champion will have defeated the field just as every other winner whose name is on the claret jug.

Perhaps an asterisk is needed when the Open Championship is played in hot summer weather without wind or rain.

Asterisk my ass-terisk.

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