Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wie Dominates Again

Well, not in golf anyway.

I am perplexed (and have been called many a name) for criticising the pre-coronation by many of the media of one MW by known associates aka friends in golf. Another crime I have apparently committed is not thinking that Michelle Wie deserves any special treatment. I have however pointed out where she objectively is and has been without extrapolating Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Mickey wright or Annika Sorenstam greatness for her. She hasn't done much except win the USGA WAPL, get mega-hyped, sign a very lucrative Sony multi-millions endorsement and screw up way too many times. I'm not sure much of it is her fault directly, but that's irrelevant to the current situation because this time she is at fault.

She is a golfer with a lot of notoriety, a long-flowing beautiful textbook David Leadbetter swing, good physical attributes, getting a Stan-foo education with a bucket of money in her pocket for an 18 year old. She does not posses a particularly good short game, any history of winning, an obvious understanding of the rules and responsibilities of a tournament golfer and is in the news yet again.

The ugly details of the episode are too well-documented elsewhere for me to regurgitate them here. Many cried foul because she was DQ'ed after completing the third round to remain in competition. Some say that she should not have been so charged after the late discovery of the "technical aspect" violation. It was not in the best interest of her co-competitors to pull her off the course mid-round, I say. There's also that minor technicality that the Competition had not yet closed.

As I posted on John Vander Borght's excellent Free Drop Blog:

John, I was only joking about the pee part, not the rule part; that is very clear and professionals who don’t know the rules really do need to. I do not think this is a stupid rule as many on the internet seem to think it is.

Call me a nerd, OK, I’m a nerd - but when the Roberto De Vincenzo episode did not cause a set of circumstances to change this rule the latest Michelle Wie episode should surely not.

This rule that allows the committee to set up the circumstances that constitute “scoring”. As written it must remain unchanged because it affects every tournament from the Open Championship (the most important of them all) to the Dirt Track Muni Invitational in Dust Bowl, ND.

Rule 33-1
THE COMMITTEE MUST establish the conditions under which a competition is to be played.

Can’t be more clear than that.

That really sums it all up.

-The scorecard rule is well-known
-The Scoring must take place as the Committee determines it will be
-It is the Competitor's responsibility to know the scoring requirements for each tournament
-This rule is Black and White (I admit some golf rules are perhaps less so!)
-This is not a stupid rule, it is a very very good rule that is very well-defined and applicable to the myriad of tournaments that take place world-wide in golf
-It is indeed unchanged since Roberto De Vincenzo lost the Masters - who doesn't know that story that competes?

As I said back in June -

Michelle, please take a break, it really is very sad to watch.

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