Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bobby Jones Scholars and Lehigh

Shot of the day at fifteen

St. Andrews University and Emory University of Atlanta have a granted program by which four (and soon to be five) scholars from each university earn the right after commencement to spend an exchange year at the corresponding University in Bobby Jones' honour. Part of the year for the U.K. side is an opportunity to travel the united states and some choose to follow Bobby Jones path in major championship golf.

Bobby Jones, arguably the greatest golfer who ever lived (On the short list with Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Byron Nelson for their amount of time and degree of dominance at the top and the current top injured golfer one Eldrick "Tiger" Woods. A great debate can ensue about a singular best, and a strong case can be made for each. Mr. Jones and Mr. Nelson have the distinction of leaving at the height of their powers, Mr Hogan certainly overcame the most to utterly dominate in his latter years and we are yet to see whether the meteoric rise of E.T. Woods will continue after his arguably self-induced knee problems have halted his quest of surpassing JWN's major championship mark(s).

In the process of following Bobby Jones footsteps, the path inevitably leads to Merion's sublime East Course site of his USGA Amateur triumph of 1929 to complete the "Impregnable Quadrilateral" - precursor to todat's still unobtained professional grand slam. (Some will argue that E.T. Woods has accomplished said slam, but since not in a calendar year it is so dubbed "The Tiger Slam". Padraig Harrington is now halfway to the "Paddy Slam").

Jack William Nicklaus caught and surpassed Bob Jones record major total, never accomplished the calendar grand slam but holds the career grand slam thrice and two USGA Amateur trophies for an astonishing 18 or 20 major championships depending on how one tallies the total. Remember that Bob Jones did what he did in his spare time as an amateur. Yet another reason that the "best" is so debatable!

One of last year's scholars and one of the the previous years scholar are now on the path at Merion's doorstep with a tee time today. Yesterday James and Oliver were at Lehigh CC as had been Gordon (aka the London golfer) earlier in the season. From June's Blog archives. Wonderful young gentlemen I am a better man for having met them and the lovely Stephanie.

Mrs. redanman played in the fourball but Stephanie did not. We had a near perfect day and here are a few photos.

The cleanup of seven continues to evolve:

Hole Seven v 2.03.05

Hole Seven v 3.01.01.

Hole Seven v 3.02.01

The sweep of seven from the bridge - reminiscent of the twelfth at Merion East

Documentation process

Oliver and James at seven

I'll try to get some of the photos from Merion .......

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