Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catching Up and Philosophizing

First the good stuff:

Number one daughter is now a University Student. She seems very happy, will actually start studies on Tuesday. Leaving her and coming back home and knowing she's not coming home much any more is pretty surreal.

VEV, Do your best and be smart, which I know you will. I am very proud of you and the person that you have become under the circumstances we've had thrust upon us, I'm really in admiration of you. You are one fine little (5 pound 2 oz.) girl. You, who will likely never read your Father's website or blog :-) - I can get away with gushing over you.

Also, Mrs. r, the next time out after her ACE - left it less than 3 inches short on-line at #13 her next time out.

The $ is closing in on the ₤ ! Now nearing the $1.80 exchange rate, a full 10% discount from recently. Maybe a trip to London is in the near future?

The Bad:

Best possible wishes to my administrative superior, I hope it goes well for him from now on. His son E introduced the two if us and it led to this current chapter of my life. P.P. and Phil S. (my mentor in my former career) in the same year is a lot to think about.

The Ugly - Competition:

Game plan worked for 12 holes at the USGA Senior Amateur Qualifier (then the morning caught up with me.) Damn! Anyway, it took one under par to qualify as the GAP is a tough qualifier and Kudos to Tom Bartolacci who shot a nify 66 just in the group ahead of me to qualify for two consecutive years.

I played with a fellow from Alabama and he blew up very early - bad for him, good for me - to hold concentration and I held it together whilst that unfortunate-ness was going on. It gives me hope. Next up is for the final tune-up (Labor Day Couples) before the GAP Senior Amateur. Trying to hold it all together, fighting the foibles is great mentally reasonably fun, but I've reached a point where my back does not allow building exercise tolerance so it's a mental thing to concentrate and try less hard not to let things get in the way.

Golf is indeed 95% mental after a while. You really don't need near as much physical capacity as you might think. What did Trevino say? "Golf is 50% physical and 90% mental", at least I think that's what he said.

Nothing like friends getting together. Visiting Northern California for an educational experience, a get-together worked out perfectly for dinner in Carmel,CA.

Here's the photo from that earlier time in the year which I found looking for something else. Nothing like serendipity.

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