Monday, August 11, 2008

Congratulations Padraig

Certainly no asterisk needed. 32 on the second nine, a true champion golfer of the year!

Also, a late finish provided more golf viewing than usual. Sadly for the bomber J.B. Holmes, it was 7 and out at the first and then a three man drama to the end.

The redanman is a fan of all three Sergio Garcia, even with his whining - after all aren't Latin men supposed to be sensitive? His powerful arc and lag gets waylaid by his (less than before) suspect putting stroke because in the end the birdie putt on 17 probably was the clincher for his day. Ben Curtis is a player I admire more for his demeanor than perhaps anything else, almost validated his Open Championship, but in the end just a little nerves at the turn made the difference for him.

Padraig has emerged as the number one player now playing golf actively - defending the Open and winning three of six consecutive majors. With Tiger's expected return to major form perhaps being 18 or more months it should be a wonderful 2009 in Men's Major golf.

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