Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good News

Lehigh Country Club Number Sixteen

Yesterday, 20 August, 2008, Mrs. redanman scored her first ACE less than one week after watching Oliver hole out on number 15 as documented below, August 17, 2008. I was not there because even a kilt would not have allowed me to play the Lehigh Women's Invitational during which she scored the perfect shot.

She has been waiting, very impatiently I might add, ever since hitting a near miss at Black Diamond Ranch Quarry #13 and then watching Stephanie Vater step up and hit the exact same shot save for holing rather than a near-miss. Madame of redan was steaming and had for a few months after!

Yesterday a seven iron did the trick and Renee did indeed exhibit a bit of relief as well as such excitement that she thinks she forgot to repair the ball mark. Prior to executing the shot as the team was not at tippy top form she was heard to exclaim "Since we're not doing all that well, maybe I'll just hole in one so we can start drinking early" it is told.

HAH! true story.

Congratulations Renee.


Mike Erdmann said...

My feelings of bitterness and jealousy of not having my own hole-in-one are exceeded by my happiness for you....congratulations!!!

Mike E.

Dan Herrmann said...

Ms. Redan-gal! (RV)

CONGRATULATIONS from Dan and Laura Herrmann! 16 is a tough hole, and an ace there is something to be really proud of!

You guys gotta get down to Chester County to play French Creek sometime. The course is in great shape.

Thomas said...

congrats on doing the impossible--for me, impossible! I'm totally envious!

Redanman, make her pay dearly with an 04' Stag's Leap Petite Syrah. I hear its delightful juice. Might as well add a single-malt in there too!