Saturday, August 09, 2008

PGA Oakland Hills

Great Course. Great Greens. Set Up?

All wrong.

What's wrong?

I don't even mind the bunkering for the professionals, it's just what the pro game has evolved into. It is the rough as long, thick and homogeneous as it is just off very severe, very firm very fast greens that I mind. The bunching of the scores shows this to be true, when a major has so many players bunched if is because the set-up is wrong.

It is not a good idea to homogenize the rough such that the rub of the green is eliminated for all practical purposes. Golf was not meant to be fair, see what happens?

Some of these photos are tweaked a bit unnaturally to show the contours of greens and to enhance their visibility as much as is practical.

first tee

back of second green

par 3 third

two views of 8

two views of eight green

par 3 ninth and clubhouse

four of hole eleven, most interesting land and perhaps best, surely quirkiest hole

green of hole 12 from 13 tee

thirteen from tee

thirteen from behind

low-lying fourteen

from fifteen tee

back right of fifteen green - a tight pin typical of PGA setup

sixteen green


eighteen from tee

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