Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Played Golf Yesterday

Absolutely beautiful, lovely day. A great relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of the weekend with Saturday's inexcusable 4:45 round behind the Golf Committee chairman + two guests and two more groups of guests (when the group two before played in 3:40!) from a canceled charity outing. I did not even venture out on Sunday because it was so muggy and sooooo sore from having to stand around, sit on the ground, etc. etc. etc.

But yesterday ........ I went to a relatively low profile course I had never played before and it was notably better than I expected. Black Bear at the Crystal Springs resort in New Jersey. Designed by a completely amateur architect, I was surprised at the overall quality of the green complexes and how many really good holes there were. There were some very unsightly collections of mounding and some plain vanilla holes, the conditioning was inconsistent - consistent with early autumn. Hit the ball well, working opn my putting routine putted like merde du chien. I had a way lot better day than most in America. More later including a few photos.

I did not, however, run into any financial types on the course. I should have a financial blog next. I went to all cash two trading days before. My mathematical formulae led me to that decision.

BB Photos coming!

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