Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pound Ridge

The upscale Dye and Dye dye-sign from suburban NY/CT.

(coming) Ed Shearon worked on this one (see Oct 15th)

Quite a project $43-50 MM project of Vera Wang's brother that has terrific turf and a personality schism. The first five holes are so shaped that you think it a flashback to Timothy Leary's days. I know they wanted separation, but they way over-did it. Five, however is a fairly simple straight forward drivable par 4 where you just keep it right -DO NOT GO LEFT. Did I tell you not to go left on five, yet?

The food at the turn is OMFG good.

10-12 are like, well actually ARE a bit cramped, I'll post a very special "bunker shot". Eleven is a rather good three par. Fifteen is the one you've seen in photos and the finish just feels like a back and forth march to get home, once you're up the hill. I would have liked to see the land for 1-4 and 16-18 used a bit more imaginatively. Overall, it is a work of art and like all art it depends on your taste, but you will not snooze through this golf course and you cannot fake it. You must golf your ball. Given the neighborhood, I think they got exactly what they wanted. No shrinking violets in this neighborhood here, no shrinking violet golf, either.

Anyway for a quick summary, it is expensive, uber-conditioned, well-watered and fed (golfers, that is) and I'll need to explain some of the holes and routing for you, it is a bit complicated; I'll be back.

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