Saturday, September 06, 2008

Regular Season Draws to a Close, Fun Begins!

It's a good thing. Now serious golfers can take over the courses. The Holy Church of American Football is now in session Saturdays and Sundays. Vacations are coming to a close. Schools are back in session. The weather is getting better, the supers turn off the water, all you need is your balls from earlier in the season that are a little worn so you can play leaf rule through the "fall".

I must apologize for the lack of activity at I have a call out to my Microsoft guy to see what's up as I cannot get photos to embed properly for a good month now and finally I'm in possession of time to work, yet cannot put up the photos. I promise to get it fixed soon.

Lots of thanks for all the support for the Lehigh Country Club profile at and it's not done yet (as are most reviews and profiles). It is now number two on Goooooogle search for "Lehigh Country Club". Apparently many of you like it and I thank you for your support. believe you me, I have a lot more to come, I just don't want to waste my time if I have to change software.

Here's # 19

A True #19 hole, a BYE if you will, most often used at LCC for taking another hole out of play for work and still providing a full 18 holes to play. Properly used it should be used to settle tied matches or for an additional bet. It is often used for practice sadly and bits of fairway get torn up, but the approach to 19 is more like other holes on the course rather than the practice area created for short game which resembles not at all any approaches on the course. (Can't say I cannot recognize that argument, but I do not support 19's use for that.) The club totally missed the boat on that one. A professional architect was used, but the proper use of the slope of that piece of land would not have woked well with the landing area for mis-hits so i guess that's what happened, unless our in-house "professional amateur architect" was consulted on that one, and I believe that he clais to have so been.
One last bit on 19 - I have to disagree with head golf professional Wayne Phillips on this one: Scoring an ACE or "hole-in-one" (More properly "I holed in one") as Americans seem to prefer to call the shot all golfers covet) on a nineteenth or BYE hole is indeed a proper ACE or HIO. One has "holed in one" or aced that hole and I damn sure am going to count it as a "proper ACE" should I ever hole in one on Lehigh Country Club's 19th.

We ought to name our Bar area "The Twentieth", that's what I think.

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