Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Universal Access to Health Care, Erik Compton, Casey Martin and you and you and you

(From I pulled a post three times, but here goes:

Unpopular and insensitive as it seems, Casey Martin never deserved a cart. However - the PGA Tour screwed that pooch allowing the old farts carts aka The Liberty Mutual Senior Parade of Legends, no the Senior Tour, errrr the Chumpions Tour. Whatever of "Brand Lady".

It's all about drawing a line and "No carts" is an easy line to draw. Does a player deserve a car for an ingrown toenail? I'm not demeaning anyone, but if we play the game under elite competition conditions we should then have no accommodations. should a cart be allowed for the second 18 of the day when 36 is needed either because of weather or in a match play tournament? Should a short, weak man (Carefully walking the line of political correctness!) be allowed a driver with a COR of 0.998 because he can only generate 98 mph clubhead speed? No! Clubs and other implements are the same for everyone. It's not about the rules of the game, it's about the "Conditions of the competition". At the elite level until the old farts tour, there was no allowed transportation. Now it's subject to interpretation since there is not a defined line.

No carts for farts, no Casey Martin, no Erik Compton. Good on Casey for trying (At last I heard he still has two legs) and good on Eric Compton. compelling stories? Absolutely. Deserving of accommodation? Not up to me, but I obviously have an opinion as I usually do on medical issues.

The ADA is a hideously written law. Well-meaning, but hideously written. e.g. Accommodations are mandatory for short people but not for very tall people. Get this: being tall is the only reliable predictor for back problems. Yet, there is no accommodation, go figure.

Good luck Erik Compton, but whether appropriate or not he'll likely get the cart and probably not the card.

And it's completely unnecessary to wish me anything" bad" Mr. CharacterCounts (a regular poster on Geoff's site). I know personally and I've seen bad things happen to much better people than me in my professional career. HIPPA now prevents me from saying much at all to make a point. Just trust me.

It's not about arrogance on anyone's part, it's about a sense of entitlement. Maybe Casey Martin and Erik Compton ought to stump for Universal Health access in the US, the only major industrialized country in the entire world with out it. America's great shame. Since there's Nike and Phil Knight taking care of Casey and whomever for EK, what do they care? They are both very fortunate individuals as they are today. E.G. All but a handful of citizens would even be considered for a second heart even with the best insurance purchasable.

Ben Hogan was mentioned as an example of an earlier individual perhaps needing an accommodation. Hogan would not have won any more with a cart because he wouldn't have taken the cart. The definition of true grit, that grizzly old bastard. That's why he is truly worthy of respect.

The United States of America's lack of universal access to health care is the nation's shame and cripples the economy to the benefit of a single sector. But that Bozo Obama isn't the fellow to do it. Of note America said no to Hillary and the mess only worsened. We're supposed to be happy that Health Care Costs are "only" predicted to increase 10% in the next year (I'd just like a consistent 10% return on my IRA, thank you). Honestly we'd all be better off if she had had her way.

Health Care is a ticking bomb, people.

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