Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What to think?

Nearby Saucon Valley CC hired Tom Fazio who did a hack job with the bunkering, completely ignored the heritage of Strong and went his merry own way bulldozing an old course as he usually does. They built orphan tees and made a big strong course, but not a Herbert Strong course.

Now is this a good golf course, absolutely by a number of definitions, most closely "a great test of golf" and "right there in front of you". Architecturally it is probably a crime, but considering the small number of people who really care about architecture and how it identifies greatness this is a mister spraying in a cyclone.

They had the opportunity to restore THIS at SVCC:

and chose not to, putting in the new Fazio course. Sure they saved some greens, but eliminated some angles and loads of interest that could have been restored was chucked out.

-all thanks or blame for copyright infringement as regards the above Hagley Aerials go to my good friend Mike Cirba aka the unreachable!

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