Friday, October 24, 2008

A Cheery NBWL Photo for no good reason at all

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The North Berwick West Golf Links are the proverbial home for the redanman as the inspiration for the most widely imitated golf hole and individual features (arguably) which are there. Great ground features are nearly unheard of in the US as the game is played in the air and often little thought is given to the ball once it hits the ground. The indirect yet sincere nature of the individual as well as collective features of the Redan hole (plus its many copies and inspired variations) have made it a golden age and now modern insiration for architects of great thought.

Great golf holes start with nature but only reach their apex when a talented individual adds to nature's gifts and enhances them rather than bulldozing what is there to create landscape architecture.

Of note, there are also several other holes of sheer joy at NBWL certainly the inimitable Pit. Those of you on my holiday list received a screensaver suitable photo from the Pit last year, kindly let me know what you might like this year.

In fact, I am requesting an e-mail from visitors sent to for those who would like notices of updates or jsut want to communicate in general if I don;t already know you.

It's a wonderful world of golf out there, so please write in.

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