Sunday, November 23, 2008

Strategic Lessions #1 The Twelfth

Lessons in strategy:

Crudely drawn using the Hagley Aerial and memory this is as close as I get get to show how the 12th once looked. The yellow line shows the approximate tree line today and the two more faint lines show visibility then (left) and now(right). The most lower bunker is indeed still in place but was once in the near middle of the fairway rather than the edge of the woods.

From the middle of the fairway today:

A change in strategic concept, once allowing a direct line of view to the centre of the green from the tee, one cannot see the green at all from the tee, especially the left/back one. Enticing the long-hitter to bite off more than one can chew is the entire point of the view of the green.

Oblique views:

Going for the green and failing yields a shot to the green in its narrow orientation, a great risk/reward for a match play situation. A great hole (was once) even grater!

The approach from the (safe) right side


MikeE said...

Stupefies me how given the pedigree of the club, they seemingly fail to see how encroaching tree growth is compromising the strategic intent of many of the holes.

the redanman said...

Never having actually sat in on a green committee meting I cannot comment, but only state that I wish the original design could be restored. The bunkers are there, it would be really easy.