Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post your comments on Preference here

Personally, given all things equal, I'd rather walk and push or pull a trolley as I cannot really carry more than 4-5 clubs, without killing my back. Unless I know the caddie or get a kid who is just a mule, they mostly get in the way and try to over-serve you. However had two good one recently one at a private course and .... I had a great one at The Ocean Course who very recently retired from the NSA and was willing to talk ......

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Anonymous said...

I'm a walk and carry man, though I'm thinking of a trolley for next season. I'm not getting any younger and I find it harder and harder to carry anything but a lightly loaded bag. I normally carry just eleven clubs, and keep the other stuff in my bag to a minimum. I also only use a single strap bag with no stand. Dual straps and stands are more of an annoyance to me than a benefit.

Riding carts (buggies) are horrible. I loathe them, but alas here in the States so many courses require them, which is a shame.

I've never golfed with a caddy, but that sounds quite perfect to me, assuming of course the individual is a pleasant person.

MikeE said...

Amen! While I enjoy carrying my own bag, I don't like feeling tired after the round. Unfortunate that so many US clubs look down up on taking a push/pull cart, yet encourage buggies. Luckily, my club welcomes the push/pull carts and even supplies the Riksha carts, gratis. I just bought a Sun Mountain Speed Cart for myself.