Saturday, February 14, 2009

Money, Money , Money

I really hope that money doesn't kill the spirit of golf in the USA in the next fitful 18 - 36 months. Yes, I believe it will be that serious for that long. No, we don't have to worry about the Sand Hills and the Old Sandwiches and the Friar's Heads of the world but there are great courses in serious exposure. One of my favorite low end places is Apache Stronghold in nowhere, AZ, 2 hours east of PHX. Actually it's on Sacred Apache Land and it is worth the side trip even when in half-dirt conditioning mode because the architecture is that good. Actually the town is called Globe and the drive is terrific. Plus you can drive 120 if you are so inclined, but be careful as it is a little more populated than the trip to Chase at Coyote Springs that I visited in November and will visit again this month. (So I lied, I am going back to Vegas - shoot me).

Back to Apache. The Emporer and I have some photos froom there and I'll find them soon and put a few up.

As for the money, the mattresses look pretty damned good, just like the Pound and Euro exchange rates. I smell a trip to Europe ....

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