Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Next Men's Major 2009 US PGA at The Cow Pasture

I don't have any photos of this one and I also don't give a Craig Ferguson's "Rat's Ass". I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. Hazeltine? OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE I have long wanted to see the US PGA dumped for the Australian Open Championship as the fourth Men's Professional Golf Major. Such a group of courses to choose from and another set of fast and firm venues.

I mean now seriously, who here really likes to play golf in the USA in August?
80% of the time no one remembers who won the damned thing because, I don't know - we're all off at the beach to finish the summer? And lastly why should three majors be played in the USA? If not the OZ Open, a good rotating Euro Event? A Seve Invitational? I say: Let's drop the US PGA and add OZ.

My takes
Masters -sure, nice that it's spring, but it's bad for Supers everywhere due to members expectations. One day I fully expect that I will put a gun in my mouth listening to Jim Nantz, I swear. He is so awful and a local News scribe picked Jimbo as the best Golf Announcer this week in his column! All the sucking up around ANGC makes me want to well, make like Linda Blair to be polite. Honestly, I get really really tired of seeing the same golf course year in and year out. However, it's most folks' favorite so Worth Keeping

USGA Open - used to be a great tournament now it's a joke with Tiger or a one-off alternating winning, it seems. Worth Keeping, but needs serious work as it has become a chore to watch.

THE Open Championship - Worth Keeping, nothing to say about why. If you need help and you are on this blog, you really need help.

US PGA - Somebody defend it, I got nothin'. Lose It ASAP

Anyway, as to the 2009 US PGA Championship at the Farm - who cares? We know Tom Watson doesn't care.


RYD said...

One nice thing about the PGA is it allows club pros to play. It allows those who work in "the trenches" a chance to play on the big stage A nice touch.

Great blog and keep up the good work


the redanman said...

Thanks for the opinion RYD, but although I definitely support club professionals getting on the big stage, I think majors are only for the best in the world, top 50 or so.

Strongly I feel that the World Golf Championships are a step above a sham and are nearly all about revenue generation. That said, it has nothing to do with the club pro!

I feel very strongly that one more men's major needs to be extant the USA for balance. Men's tennis has OZ, US Open, French Open and Wimbledon - a real world stage and very different surfaces.