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Even Rees Gets Some Props

I just played the Pennsylvania Senior Open at Huntsville in Shavertown, PA (no it's not near Beavertown). hahaha Now get your mind out of the gutter!
My total plays now at about 10, so I think I met the C.B. familiarity test.

Tournament played at a wet 6650 or so. Casually I play it at 6900, not much difference between those tees for me. 7200 is beastly, be very talented or leave your ego at home.

When Rees builds a de novo course you know what you are going to get and it's not generally easy. Play the wrong tees for your skill set and your heinie will be handed to you in a bloody bag. Guaranteed.

Plenty of penal - 3 mental mistakes/bad shots = 3 triples in two days, otherwise I think I was 4-over.
Greens are easy to read, fair but tough, no three putts in 36 holes.
Generous driving for the most part, much more interesting than re-dos like Torrey and Bethpage for USGA.
Missed greens require real skill, I heard this from tons of competitors, I didn't have this problem but I'm told my scrambling is generally pretty good.


Two split fairway holes were either not good options or did not give anywhere near a good reward for taking the first chance.

Visually attractive
cart routed, but walkable - hardly for the 55+ crowd!
About six holes through marshy land that could have been better done and led to scores as high as 11. Six set up high and you must be able to play in the wind! Six pretty average modern setting. They do not follow six-six-six in order.

Whether you like his aesthetics and principles or not his de novo courses can be very good. Best I've played Old Kiinderhook (NY) - really good!, Huntsville (PA), Ocean Forest (GA) both very good. Golf at the Bridge what a waste of a property. others ...

Well, the first day of teh tournament I did my best to inform a co-competitor that his club was not legal for play. He mentioned that he had a cracked face on his driver (It was clearly visible and partly depressed) and he thought it was somehow OK to start his round that way. I told him that I really thought it wasn't and told him it was not "simple design" nor likely exhibited its original COR assumed to be conforming. Anyway, I didn't want to be a thingey and ruin his day nor make a scene so I didn't ask for a ruling and since I forgot to do so until the following morning his card was in. Before round two I discussed it with some officials who I knew and later when I teed off that second afternoon, one of the officials who was running the tee where I started my "stipulated round" said to me "That guy had a new driver today, he was in my first group". I sort of chuckled.

I had told the player during the round that he really had to get another driver and stop using the one he had or ask an official. I did not follow up during or after the round.

Facts of note:

We don't quite fill the field for our state amateur and true chances to win are limited to about 10 players at most out of the 130 or so we got this year in the seniors. It is always tons of fun, we play 36 holes, get a practice round and a player's dinner after round one.

Our state association is a great organization and tournaments are really fun. They are always on very good courses, (certainly no clunkers), nearly all solid and private and pretty much first tier which is pretty darned good in our state. However, the rules weren't strictly enforced as the official in question knew the infraction and also knew from my questions that a definitive answer had been decided on. This was a state championship. So ...


Are you OK with this?

Should I have "been a prick"?

I'm glad I wasn't but I know it was wrong and the officials also basically looked the other way. I would never have done the same had it been a professional in question, say a state open with prize money. But more of a "no harm, no foul" approach was taken.

This is a real dichotomy for me as I learned to follow the rules after playing a few years. (Didn't start that was as I never read the rules until playing about 5 years (started at age 11). I respect them now to the letter as much as I can but try not to be a thingey in casual golf.

This fellow was a real nice guy, wasn't in contention and I didn't fuss. On one hand I'm glad the guy had a lot of fun as it was his first tournament, but on the other hand it bugs the crap out of me and I'm sure I technically did not do the correct thing. If I hadn't liked the guy, I might have had no problem being a jerk. (blush)

I know what the correct thing to do was but what might you have done?

Anyway, equal 39th was the best I could do with the three sevens. scores
At least I have decent company if you cross-referenc scores
hole-by-hole statistics

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