Monday, August 24, 2009

The Solheim Cup and Sex Selling Golf

Well, it was closer than the final score and Michelle Wie bloomed, I'd call that a complete and total success. More about Ms. Wie later, but I must say that I have always said that she should pave her own way and she had the heavy equipment out this past weekend. I truly am happy for her. She is finally in a circumstance to which she placed herself and earned everything that is now coming to fruition - just by getting that little LPGA card and playing her butt off. She has always had a beautiful, efficient swing, but now she is learning to play competitive golf. Good for all of us, too.

But first: Someone somewhere I discuss all matters golf raised the question "Does The LPGA even NEED Sex Appeal?"

I'll have to think about it some more because I watch a lot of women's golf, so it's very natural for me to look at women's golf in normal light. But off the tip of my pointy, as regards sex appeal, I find that if one wants to look at nice looking girls and women, there is someone for everyone's tastes. I think there are all kinds of really good looking women: blond, brunette, redhead, Asian, Nordic, Latina, brutish, hellaciously strong women (Well, maybe that makes Nordic redundant), feminine aquiline wisps, straight, gay, whatever, just like society they are there. There are some women that quite frankly don't know how to dress and some just like the men that are just unattractive human beings because that is how the population divvies up and like it or not dressing well and being or notbeing attractive makes first and lasting impressions.

Much of the LPGA play is interesting as they play interesting courses and/or there is good competition, their schedule is so pared down right now in that regard it might be helpful for them. Some of the courses and sometimes the level of competition is dreadful. (Same for the men, too.) I think from a golf standpoint, most men can learn more from watching women players because seriously, they are more efficient in their swings and quite frankly not too many men are really stronger than Michelle Wie, Suzanne Petterson and Sophie Gustafson! You can really learn a thing or two, in fact watching Kristie Kerr in person at this year's Open, I learned a couple of things I incorporated into my game and my competition scores have been a couple of shots better lately.

That said, even attending in person several days, the USGA Women's Open was on a too-hard-for-the-women course which led to a last human standing sort of competition which to me is just awful for any sort of golf competition.

As best I can tell from a women's standpoint the women who play golf need to watch the women more, quite honestly. Yes, THEY too, not just male viewers, need to watch more. I think that quality fashion (not the borderline trashy look a Natilie Gulbis and only 1:10,000 ladies can pull off) becomes a part of the Ladies Tour, more women's apparel companies advertise on the telly, I think it will help. Women golfers really care about how they look, so judging from that, why not sex sells?

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