Monday, August 17, 2009

Tournament Golf

Coming to a close, a few things to say and address especially slooooooooooow play.

Except for a smattering of little things later, the big events mostly in August are complete. Not exactly a huge Tom Fazio fan when it comes to golf design, I am not one to throw out the baby with the bathwater. USGA Senior Amateur qualifying for the GAP took place at Galloway National yesterday with a field of close to 90. One fellow, a reinstated virgin, errrrr professional/amateur/whatever drove up to New Jersey seven hours from home in Pinehurst to try to qualify on a "tough golf course" and got one at Galloway. Spike Smith's 68 stunned everyone as a few good players withdrew and some had to be satisfied with scores going north of 80. None of our re-instated virgins broke 75 on perhaps Tom Fazio's best collection of holes - the routing is a little weak to give it unfettered praise as the total walk is almost 7.5 miles. I carted it for a toney-munt, there's a limit to my endurance anymore that I can't increase. The course has greens sure to satisfy any critic who doesn't think anyone not named Doak, Hanse or Coore can build great modern greens.

Here's some photos, not from yesterday, be sure to click to enlarge.

Galloway 1

Galloway 2

Galloway 5

Galloway 9

Galloway 10

The Brutal 13th

14 and the bunker I didn't get up and down from

16 - Where some say the fairway is shaped like New Jersey

17 - yes, it's as long as it looks, but site of my lonely birdie yesterday playing 240+

Kudos to Kirby Martin for a super set of pins including the generous 3rd, 17th and 18th (didn't factor in my glorious 8) the sucker pin on two on which I missed my 12-footer, and the very devilish 1, 5, 9, 10!, 12 and 14 . Six was just sublime - middle of middle on a big so-called pimple, just lovely. It was hard, fair and demanding, set up a couple of hundred yards more than a typical GAP Senior. I can't say enough about what a class act the GAP is.

Fellow Gator Head of Golf at Galloway Mike Killian was a great host being there at the club all day overseeing the event, not something all do. Galloway is a very special club in a number of ways and their boss is a great part of the reason why golf is king at Galloway, NJ.

more still coming...

Notice the lovely 8 (my ninth)


Michael said...

Spike Smith shot a 68, not a 69.

the redanman said...
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the redanman said...

TYOP, sorry, good call Michael