Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green Vol. XXXIV (give or take)

Long a believer of doing good things for planet Earth and its citizens because it is the right thing to do, not because we are somehow influencing climate permanently, temporarily or even at all, I recycled in Scotland, noted the relative absence of plastic bags with great glee and had a very green car. One must wonder why we are farting around with hybrids at all on our streets until we actually get electric cars.

EuroCar provided me with a 1200 mile new 2009 Mercedes-Benz B-Classe with a 1.8 litre Diesel. Little more than a full tank bought from the rental company for less than 50 quid plus 10 more (appx. $95) allowed me nearly 800 miles and a wasted quarter tank of refill that I needn't have put in the tank. This because my mixed mileage was 45.5 m.p.g. Never known for pussyfooting in a car, I probably got close to 55 pure M-road driving and following the FBD home after GlenEagles on the mostly B-roads refining our cornering skills was probably my stint at the most extravagant mileage number.

Power rating: more than sufficient.
Driving fun: Better than average.
Driver Legroom/Headroom: As good as it gets
Comfort: Superior.
Room: Like a small delivery van
Radio: Awesome, the BBC traffic reports on Radio Scotland come on even if you have the radio set on mute!
Mileage: High enough to wipe smiles from holier-than-thou Priapism drivers.
Negatives: Chintzy little windshield wipers, not befitting M-B

This car was somewhere between a BMW X3 and a small people carrier. 5 bodies plus modest luggage, two people and a ton of luggage and three passengers, three golf bags and plenty of room for groceries and a small easy chair are merely three possible configurations of many. This with at least as much legroom for 1.97m tall me as the driver as my 5 year old M-B E-Classe has at home in the states. No SATNAV (I know my way around sunny Ecosse reasonably well), but everything else, cloth seats for about $30k equivalent. Mercedes is missing a ton of sales in the USA.

Here's a few photos of this wonderful Eco-Car.

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