Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lehigh Again

I had a couple of Lehigh Virgins out today and we could hardly have had a better day for it. Greens running about 10.5, maybe a club + wind, not too many leaves in the way yet, no one in front or behind, Joe took all the photos so I just played. We'll look for his photos to appear. He's good behind a camera so something for the lounge to look forward to. Not even close to a lost ball, under 240 for the three ball.

A set of number 5 pins made for some good exciting shots, but Joe had a birdie birdie start and added #16 to boot.

On Pin #5 (I'll scan the sheets and put 'em up and try to do a feature of the green contours so they mean more) Ron Forse, doing and having done the master plan waxes poetic about these greens.

One is pretty much middle and is a good starter, no brain damage. Two is on the back right shelf and is very testy. Two is our Shinnecock style green, but 1.5 X larger, one of the tougher pins on the tougher greens. Six was front and close to the front right shoulder, had a 25 yard pitch for eagle to finish my basic ringer card for the year (-20, two eagles on the 5's all the rest birdies) very demanding missed teh needed spot by six inches, oh well. Eight pin was awesome, it is the best pin on 8 if they do it right like today. That would be middle and back from fairway orientation or middle right from green entrance, but hard against the big shoulder, very lovable and challenging. Nine was between a two and a five, more left that it should be, but from 3 feet for birdie who cares, another wonderful pin and a great putt from Joe.

Ten at middle right to get close the landing area is very very small, lots of subtle breaks. Eleven, way back and centre, Mark did a great read of two putting from hole high left, waaay better than average. Thirteen was perched in the back 20% right on top of the ridge - almost evil. Fourteen, back left, tons of break. Seventeen, three feet left of perfect in the back. three feet left and near hole breaks magnified 5-fold. And front right on 18 is stellar on that large somewhat dull green.

Those that have been will appreciate these pins, otherwise as I sat down and wondered what to type 10 minutes about, while doing this (the president's Cup was zzz) I decided to do an upcoming feature on the greens of Lehigh.

Cheers, hope your Sunday was as fun as ours.

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