Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stronger than Ever

An unconfirmed report from Hank Haney notes that Tiger's ED Doctor said that his lips would be stronger than ever after the sutures. Will now be able to overtake Jack's record 18 Majors by February.

Gee, I wish I didn't have to talk to the Florida Highway Patrol if I didn't want to.

WSJ reported basically that Golf was nothing without Tiger, it existed before and will exist long after he is gone. (Gee, I hope so ...)

And that's all I care to say about that.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Down East

This club requested privacy rather strongly.

Clyde the Squirrel

Some places I really respect their ethos of privacy.

The guard was very stoic, some might say wooden ....

a redan that is not a redan!

Less well-known ...

More so

Here there is a history of respect for history.

George in Boston

There is a wonderful little Muni in Boston that I promised the locals that I wouldn't drive everyone there, so I'll just say that for a muni, it's a peach.

Designed by Donald Ross and maintained by benign neglect, they have a super who worked at TCC and has done a great job with the greens, the fairways & tees are fine and the land is beautiful.

Here's a few photos:
a super par 4

wonderful par 3 with a superior green

par 4 from elevated green

par 3

Friday, November 06, 2009

Bay Club at Mattapoisett

Their blog

One Tee

I was fortunate to visit the Bay Club at Mattapoisett near fall River, MA. Brad Faxon is a fine putter, but he is also a tour player. Tour players really like fair and putt for a living. Fast smooth true greens are fair, that characterizes the greens at Bay Club. It is one of the very best conditioned courses I have played in the past several years. I believe that this is partly due to the correct grass cultivar for the climate. I don't have to make my living putting so I really like greens with a lot of movement in them. There are a few at Bay Club, but mostly the surfaces are a tour player's dream.
Sixteen green - busiest of the lot

The Bay Club is the work of Brad Booth and Brad Faxon is on the design team credit. It's my first for either. Conscious effort went into strategies as the first ad second holes both par 4's have carry or skirt bunkers to get an advantage or shorten the elbow as neither is a true dogleg. There is a ton of width and I have the 13 fairways hit to prove it (The one I missed I over-hooked, bumped off a hill and wound up 2 yards left of the fairway). Not losing golf balls is a very good thing that makes a course very popular with its members or regulars. Only five holes are at all sharply angled and that includes two par fives. The par 3's range in length from about 150 to 235 on the mixed tees yielding 6800 (very long in the fall) yards on the mixed Blue/Black tee set I played.

Short 12th


Notable holes include the sixth, par 5 which has a nice set of bunkers to play over or around to get a chance to go at the green in two. There are some lateral wetlands about 20-60 yards short but off line to keep you from just blasting away and the first two par 5's feature interrupted fairways to give pause about just going for it.
Par 5 Sixth

Par 5 eleventh

Seventeen and eighteen are handicap holes two and four making sure that the stronger player has to finish it out or be up at least three at that point.

Being very close to the ocean makes for windy days although I didn't encounter more than a club and a half and that probably helped my score.

Nice gig if you can get it as there are some very lovely homes graciously and unobtrusively set back from the course.

Routing: All green to tee except a few 100 yard walkbacks and a 500 yard wetlands gap
Conditioning: As good as it gets
Par 3's: Wide range of lengths from 8-iron to rescue club
Par 4's: Left, right, short long straight -lots of variety
Par 5's: Loads of choices through angles with the pictured 11th being my favorite
Cohesion: Very consistent style throughout
Bunkering Scheme: Guiding rather than really penalizing
Greens: Relying on speed, firmness and tilt rather than contour.
Club: No clubhouse, but practice facilities to die for and all the signs point to a first-class operation. No need to go that close to the beach and not get fed and watered well I am sure.