Sunday, November 15, 2009

George in Boston

There is a wonderful little Muni in Boston that I promised the locals that I wouldn't drive everyone there, so I'll just say that for a muni, it's a peach.

Designed by Donald Ross and maintained by benign neglect, they have a super who worked at TCC and has done a great job with the greens, the fairways & tees are fine and the land is beautiful.

Here's a few photos:
a super par 4

wonderful par 3 with a superior green

par 4 from elevated green

par 3

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Patrick said...

Hi there Redanman! I'm one of the guys that walked around the last 5 holes of this course with you. Did you ever return and play it?

If so, how did you play? I'm quickly becoming a regular reader of your blog.....