Friday, October 29, 2010

Bandon Clarification

Until I have cleared up the Asian Porn sites posting comments on my blog, I will keep "Comments Disabled". Please e-mail me if you wish. I really do want to enable comments, but I don't want any porn stuff.

I want to clarify a misunderstanding that I think occurred.

I am in no way was knocking Bandon, it is by far the most interesting architecture trip in the USA for most good courses at a resort except maybe for Pinehurst with #1, 2, arguably 3 for Ross, #5 for Ellis Maples and #6 (yes, I love #6) for Fazio. You can keep #4 Fazio (A travesty of Ross and even RTJ's works to me), my wife gets absolutely vitriolic about Rees #7 and I get a little riled myself about how hideous parts of Fazio's #8 are.

Don't even think of missing any trip to Bandon,just be prepared to take your time getting there. Even Portland and SF with the small planes are no picnic.

Me? With a Brother-in-law in Portland, Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley, just expect me to drive ...