Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congratulations are in order!

A really nice feller, well, a kid actually, almost 25, who is my neighbor (sort of) here and a frequent playing partner ought to be very very happy that I didn't play with him after all today. The weather report has been dicey at best for today all week, the professor had a cheap-O tee time at Lederach for four to play at 13.40 today and the redanboy and I pussied out. I don't know about him, but for me to play at 13.40 and possibly take 5+ hours and perhaps not even finish on a day unlikey to see the north side of 40* F, well, I'd rather go play 4 balls for a few holes at Lehigh and sort out some wedges. Which I did. Back to the story ...

The redanboy was playing at the Linfield National (just 0.5 Doak below Augusta National and 1.0 below NationalGLA (well, not really, more like 7) and 1-hopped a wedge on the 11th for his first ace. (The little bastard has an Albatross already). Had I played with him it would have likely not happened - that's how these things go.

My most sincere congratulations to you, Mark. I am very happy that I didn't play with you today. I'm guessing that it was with the ratty ProV1 (#2) with blue dots that he played with 2 weeks ago.

I'll have a malt, please.