Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Redux

I was fortunate enough to catch a break in the weather for a round at Rancho Santa Fe in California after the AAOS this year. I have to chuckle because my friend (who is also my teacher and a Golf Digest Top 100 fitter with a green grass range was "Apologetic" that the course had not been over-seeded this year and it was not green. REnee and I noted that that mattered not a whit as we are priviliged t play what should be recognized as a Top 100 course but only makes the second 100 for GolfWeek's Classics list. Apparently I like t more than my fellow raters, I don't know about Renee as she won't tell me her votes, but I know her tastes are very high class.

We naturally jumped at the opportunity and got to walk in the southern California sunshine with a LPGA Professional Golfer and One of America's best teachers, our sole instructor of 25 or so years. We were also able to Demo many not-yet-released golf clubs at Carlsbad Golf Center (Check it out if you're nearby) a top fitter and official supplier for redanman.

The Golf Course was as good as remembered so check out the original post a couple of years back. The 18th hole has a wonderful green and is relatively an unbunkered hole from Behr's design, yet it doesn't make it any less challenging. The strength of Rancho Santa Fe remains a great routing, natural well-placed greensites and exceptional variety.

Accept the invitation if one is offered.