Tuesday, July 19, 2011

After Sandwich

At least in the USA it was a non-TV event with Women's Football loss to Japan garnering much higher ratings. Ah, the all-coveted ratings and advert index.

This was an Open Championship for the true golfer, one who understands that 62*, off and on rain and 30 knot winds are golf. Darren Clarke is everyman, he won for everyone, has not actually drunk a thing from the Claret Jug as of this writing and will not change. Meanwhile we have to wonder about Rory McIlroy and wonder who he really is. Is he a petulant poorly prepared 22-year old making haste comments about foul weather and his preference for American Golf? Will he get around to understanding what is required for character and an all-round game? Will his girlfriend transfer request make any differences - that is interesting as Wozniacki was very closely linked (and neighbors with Novak Djokovic) as recently as Wimbledon's proverbial Fortnight to the same girl. From her interviews she seems as grounded as a 15 year old women's tennis star so maybe she's perfect for Rory.

Sandwich also gave us another good run from Tom Watson who had he not had the same end of the draw as McIlroy might have been even closer in the end.

We were treated to a cold sh@nk from Dustin Johnson in the heat of contention and another round of Mickleson's balky short putting. (This from the man under the tutelage of RocketScientist Dave Pelz and his make 400 putts in a circle in a row drill? I think we might have learned that too much is never enough or was it less is more? I've never been a practicer so I don't have that answer. A season's practice for me is 300 long balls, 300 chips & pitches and 300 putts, spread out over 365.25 days every year. Add to that one or two demo days and that's it.

From this Open I liked attitude. Tom Watson's "Come what may, do with what we're given". Darren Clarke's keep on plugging through thick and thin and Phil's I'm going to start over, fresh and anew!

I'll give 22-year old Rory a pass on this one. 10 years from now he'll say "Knowing what I know now - in 2011 at Royal St. George's - I would have prepared differently, but I don't regret what I did." At least I hope that's what he will have decided by this time next year, but won't say.

The US PGA is of interest to me for the first time in many years as a friend of the redanman will be caddying for his brother!

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