Friday, September 09, 2011

Bandon Summer

In August a return to Bandon Resort yielded a fresh look. I had only been to Bandon with a group previously and this time it was a small family group, just 3 and for one night with a 4th non-golfer. My regular readers know how picky I am. Bandon Dunes is America's Best Resort. Nothing comes close. After the monumental disappointment that was Kohler earlier this year and with time to reflect, there is no doubt in my mind that Bandon Has the most quality golf to offer, the right amount of service, good hearty generous food and drink and even a better shower than Kohler.

My wife's brothers went fishing and missed my ace at Old Macdonald #5. No matter, there were trophies for all.


We chose to play Old Macdonald first as there was a good wind up, no real threat of rain and a fairly open tee sheet at our preferred mid morning time. First time either of us has seen the other's ace out of 6 total.
Here was the shot on Biarritz (short on the direction of roll), the next Par 3, YIKES!

Long View back to the third
Wonder why people like Old Macdonald so much?
The Principal's Snout
A Very Good Eden

Family's Good
in progress, but that poor camera's dead, I'm afraid

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