Monday, October 15, 2012

Shorts for Professional Men

In Turkey this week the wearing of shorts brought out more than a few comments on Professional Men Golfers wearing shorts.  I heard it at clubs and it was on the almighty internet  some were downright silly calling out "Chicken Legs" was one kind one, but shorts are the wear of choice for most men who play unless it's cold or mandated.  Gentlemen at Baltusrol used to go to great lengths to get wafer-thin trousers to meet the requirement which considering the hot humid days one gets in central New Jersey a bit much.

During my stint at the California Golf Club of San Francisco, long pants were mandated, but with weather closer to Brora than Barcelona, hardly anyone but me complained.  Places such as ANGC talk about "Tradition" and "Gentlemen" but one must remember that the (Egalitarian, by contrast) Scots who invented and popularized the game wore what they wore because it was well, rather cold.  Plenty of Scots and Englishmen wear shorts when it makes sense to them, they choose.

This week the argument at Geoff Shackleford's site in discussion of this aspect of the game got way off track on a skin cancer debate but I guess it is irrelevant that Natalie Gulbis or Sandra Gal get skin cancer as these sports fans want to see some skin.  I pick these two ladies for a reason - Ms. Gulbis is fair and needs to watch more carefully than Ms. Gall (although German a Czech by birth as are my forebearers) who tans easily and naturally due to genetic predisposition.  Me?  I'm for a ban on tight white pants on fat men and while we're at it, all white - belts, shoes (ugh!) and Drivers, too.  I'm OK with keeping white balls, for the record, they are a nice contrast on green and shades of brown- speeding play.

So what are we to take from the debate?

The caddies have finally been relieved of their long pants and an overwhelming majority have donned Bermuda length shorts.  No calls of chicken legs there.  Having endured the 90-90 days South Florida (as well as other spots) is famous for, I have been a shorts wearer at golf unless required by club mandate.  Let's at least allow our professional golfers to have the choice.

Wave to me at Brora next time you see me there, I'm the tall one in shorts pushing a trolley which has my bag on it.