Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Proposed" Ban on Anchoring

After much waiting (Over 2 years behind the scenes, BTW not 15 months) the joint teleconference was held a short while ago.

A further refinement of the definition of "stroke" is the summary.

It was issued as a proposal with a proffered 3 month period of discussion and not a hard ruling.  It is short and sweet.  There is a feel of "testing the waters" perhaps as information gathering for a future reference point.  We all know that the distance issue is a greater one.  That one can be a win-win in many way and is easily addressed by pure science - utilisation of polymers that conform to a lesser standard - really rather easy.  Kudo to Geoff Shackleford for trying to bring up the topic.

Staying in the present - the definition of stroke and both defining and banning anchoring (which has never in my mind constituted a "stroke") was well-thought out and well-presented today. Let's embrace keeping the nature of the "stroke" functionally the same with each of the 14 clubs in the bag.

Too long in coming, but very welcome.

Here's some polls to follow - Two sides of the pond

edit: Into the poll 4 days there is more support for the broomstick on the West side of the pond.  I'd have thought it the East. Both polls are substantially on board with the ruling bodies' proposal.

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