Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Slow Play in a Nutshell (aided by the Unified Rules of Golf Publication)

Deep Thoughts?  Certainly entertained after the Competition of the US Open.

From the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf Etiquette Section (abbreviated)

Play At Good Pace And Keep Up
Players should play at a good pace. The Committee may establish pace of play guidelines that all players should follow.

It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If it loses a clear hole and it is delaying the group behind, it should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, it should invite the faster moving group to play through.

Be Ready To Play

Lost Ball

Priority On The Course
Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term “group” includes a single player.

As written, a committee CAN create other rules, however with the current initiatives to recruit and keep players in the game it is selfish and counter-productive to go against these guidelines that preface the unified Rules of Golf.

Why would anyone want to INTENTIONALLY and artificially take a stand against the principles so outlined and endorsed by the two worldwide ruling bodies of golf?

Answer: Selfishness

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