Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rory In, Tiger Out, Clubs and balls

Rory McIlroy, #2 OWGR but the real #1.  News from my friends at Callaway Golf that one Rory McIlroy is playing GBB Epic Zero (That's the lowest spin model), fairway woods and Apex custom irons without compensation. Whether this is experimental, his choice or working on a permanent deal, he seems to be using them well. I would assume that the Vokey wedges and Titleist Pro V1x balls aren't leaving the bag any time soon, if ever. It is also confirmed that the market share report which tracks all golf products 7 of the last 8 months Callaway Chrome soft is the top selling ball.

Bridgestone has started to run ads featuring Tiger Woods, I figure because he had promised them that he'd be back by now. Most of you know that I've doubted his ability to return at all at this point, medically speaking. First off, you just don't have back surgery for back pain, it's just not the treatment. Bulging discs don't cause back pain, it's been proven by peer-reviewed studies by reputable back specialists using "Evidence-based" studies (The highest accuracy, specificity and reliability) to be factual. Three surgeries suggest serious complications up to and including chronic infection, but we will never know. In 2008 I was called racist, #hater, etc. for suggesting it would take him two years to win another Major  He surely proved me wrong. Their 4 premium balls allow the most precise choice.

I've been ball testing as usual and have some latest release Pro V1 and Pro V1x, direct from the rep and found the x 5 yards longer of the two off the tee. Both are great balls and neither spins too much where the Pro V1 used to spin too much, the other day 18 holes in the wind, it was not a problem as the old V1 had been.

Callaway Chrome Soft and Callaway Chrome Soft x have been excellent balls with a clear difference being that the "x" model spinning higher. This is one of two balls I mostly play, the regular Chrome Soft ball. It's very versatile, the compression being very low (60) appeals to nearly all golfers, although most need not spend the money for a premium ball. The x spins a bit more for workability and higher ball flight.

The other ball that regularly finds its way into my bag is TaylorMade. TP5 and TP5x are the current release, the preferred  and Preferred X being the last release. As with other balls, the x tends to be "Harder/Firmer" and spins less.

Srixon testing is over, the pair of the Z-Star and Z-Star XV are also very durable if both comeout on the firm side, probably even the Z-Star too firm for my tastes.

The Kirkland ball was short-lived as it sold out quickly but will likely be back as it has gotten all lawyered up and that story isn't over by a long shot.

Titleist is the #1 ball in USA golf because every aspiring professional gets free balls and starting at $500 cash. That's why so many stick with them.

So ... For you premium ball-seekers  - Bridgestone (4 premium balls!), TaylorMade (including Lethal - a top ball with slight loss of distance - available in a 50-pack for $100 USD garage box), Callaway, Srixon even Kirkland if it returns makes zero difference in game.You will like what you like, but You do not get any more ball for that $5 USD/dozen to play the Titleist. If you are a professional, your bank account balance may vary.

One of the best, most consistent low-handicap club golfers I know, not afraid to play you for more money that I can afford to lose will pull out Callaway SuperSoft balls. Don't call him out.

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